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SL Project Name Created at Created By
01 Alpha Deshboard 10/8/2020 Mithun Chandra Sutradhar
02 Asset Management 10/7/2020 Mithun Chandra Sutradhar
03 Doctor Appointment 04/01/2021 Mithun Chandra Sutradhar
04 Alpha Net's Services 09/03/2021 Mithun Chandra Sutradhar
05 IPX Wallet 09/03/2021 Mithun Chandra Sutradhar
06 Alpha Add Manager 09/03/2021 Mithun Chandra Sutradhar
07 Alpha SMS Dashboard 20/03/2021 Mithun Chandra Sutradhar
08 Newspaper Template 06/08/2022 Mithun Chandra Sutradhar

Control Panel

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You can manage your databases from the Control Panel. also you can use phpMyAdmin for managing you databases.

File Upload

You can upload & manage you files from File Manager or you can use FTP Service. Files must be uploaded into "public_html" folder.